About Us

Meet Bogart and Desi, my inspirations for the Piece of My Heart line.

Bogart is a Briard, a Canadian and American show champion with agility, rally and therapy titles. But most of all, Bogart was my heart dog. When he left me in May 2013 - suddenly and unexpectedly - he took a piece of my heart with him.

And so did Desi, the Saluki pictured looking out the window, when he passed away in December of the same year. Desi was my silly boy, mischievous and always into something.

I now have Alphie Briard and Dylan Saluki in my life but I miss my first two boys terribly and I felt a great need to honour them both. As I looked through old pictures (before digital) and what was on my hard drive, it struck me how few people (myself included) take the time to print photos, create albums, and hang larger work on their walls. And what a conversation starter those photos are when they are displayed! This was the beginning of Piece of My Heart.

Bringing my love of photography, design and animals together has been a life-long journey and I am pleased to be able to present my work to you. The cards and gift items on this site have been created using high quality photographs and the best photo altering digital software available. Not to mention lots of time! But it's time well spent. If there's anything I like as much as capturing great images of animals it's turning those photographs into art.

I love art and admire the artistic process as well as the incredible talent many people possess. Unfortunately, that "brain to hand to medium" talent is not one that I have. I am, however, able to create with my camera and as the digital world opened up I was intrigued and excited by the possibility of taking my work to the next level.

Whether you're looking for a nice representative of a specific purebred dog or cat, or a card or a gift for the animal lovers in your life, this collection is the answer. Want to honour your own pet? I also create custom cards, gifts and art for you using your photographs, old or new. Just use the Contact form to get in touch - I would love to hear from you!