Can I combine cards to get quantity discounts?
Yes! You can combine TWO different designs. For example, five of one and five of another and pay the discounted price for 10 cards. Or 10 of one and 10 of another and pay the discounted price for 20 cards. You'll need to send me a note with the product numbers so I can create a custom listing for your "assorted" pack. Also watch for breed and/or occasion specific assorted packs as they become available.

I really like one of the cards, but not the saying. Can it be changed?
Yes! If the change is "generic" (i.e. could appeal to others) you may order the minimum of five cards and request a change on any of the designs in my store. For example, a card that is currently for a birthday can be changed to be blank. Or a blank card can be changed to be for a special purpose or occasion. If the change is more specific you must order 10. These changes apply only to the "message" of the card, whether on the front or inside. Not sure if your idea is generic or custom? Just send me a note and I'll help you out.

How long will it take to get my items?
Because most of my items are "print on demand" I require up to two weeks to fulfill your order (excluding custom work, which takes longer). Please allow for this time plus the shipping time when ordering.

Do you have other breeds?
Yes I do! New designs will be added nearly every week so be sure to check back often. If you want a particular breed, please ask. I have lots of images to work from that are not yet in my store. If I don't have your breed and you'd like to donate some images of your own you can take 25% off of your first order of each design that is based on your image(s).

Can I get my pet on a design?
Yes! You must order a minimum of 10 for a custom design. Photos are then sent via email, along with any specific requests (i.e. what style you like, if any sayings are to be included on the front or inside, etc.). Please note that ALL orders include the Piece of My Heart logo and tag line on the back. A proof is returned prior to printing your product(s). All custom work must be paid in advance. If I would like to use the finished image in my store and you allow me to do so, you will pay the generic price. Otherwise, a $15 custom work charge will apply (one time charge). That amount may go up based on the work required for your image, but you will always know in advance.

Can you work with old or damaged prints?
Usually, yes. You would need to get a high quality scan of the print in order for me to assess the work that would be required.

What if I want something bigger?
For custom work, I can create a beautiful giclee art print. These are printed using museum quality inks on canvas or fine art paper and designed to last. I hang these in my own home and the quality is simply stunning. Please inquire for more details. I will also be adding art prints of some of my own designs for purchase.

What the heck are BLING!lastics?
Created for dog show exhibitors (or anyone required to wear an identifying arm band), these beaded soft elastics add the finishing touch to dressy show outfits. Soft, comfortable and adjustable, they are so much nicer to wear than plain rubber bands and are a great gift idea! Note: for those who stick bait or combs in their arm bands, these don't work well due to the beads.

Are your items available at shows or in stores?
Not widely. If you are interested in carrying my products please get in touch. Wholesale inquiries are welcome.